Victrol wins Sustainable Port Award

Antwerp family-owned company Victrol won the Sustainable Port Award 2023 with their CCUS Shipping project. The other finalists were International Car Operators, Boluda Towage and TotalEnergies.

Sustainable Port Award

Every two years, Port of Antwerp-Bruges, Alfaport-Voka, Maatschappij Linkerscheldeoever and Apzi-Voka present the Sustainable Port Award. As such, we aim to bolster the sustainable ambitions and highlight the many initiatives of the port companies. Previously, BASF, CMB and Ecluse won the award. This year, a jury selected four finalists from twenty shortlisted projects from Zeebrugge and Antwerp. Following a popular vote, amongst others, the fourth Sustainable Port Award eventually went to Victrol. 

CCUS Shipping

CCUS stands for carbon capture, utilisation & storage. Many firms are looking at the capture of their CO₂ emissions to achieve their sustainability goals. They liquefy these for storage, as is already happening in empty gas fields in the North Sea, or for reuse in industry. Victrol wants to transport that captured and liquefied CO₂ from the hinterland to storage sites in international seaports such as Port of Antwerp-Bruges. To that end, it is developing new vessels for inland navigation to make that transport faster, safer and more efficient. 

According to Miranda Maes, General Manager at Victrol, the company knows - thanks to client relationships with major energy companies - that the market is the requesting party for this type of infrastructure. "Various firms have just submitted their grant applications for carbon capture initiatives. For that, they need infrastructure that we can provide. We have built a strong reputation with our clients over the past few years with our targeted focus on safety and quality."


Victrol built the first LNG bunkering vessel for inland navigation in Europe. A dedicated CO₂ barge therefore aligns seamlessly with their further ambitions. As such, they want to play a key role in connecting less obvious industrial sites.

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