The ePIcenter project on World Sustainable Transport Day

ePIcenter is a global initiative developing pioneering technologies to improve logistics efficiency while reducing environmental impact. The project is sponsored by the EU Horizon 2020 fund.

ePIcenter: together for sustainable transport

Over the past three years, ePIcenter, led by Port of Antwerp-Bruges, has brought together 36 partners.  Within the project, innovative technology companies, research institutes and companies in the consumer and logistics industry are working together on solutions for a sustainable transport landscape. These include both general solutions and innovations for specific sectors.

Within ePIcenter, 36 partners work together on solutions for a sustainable transport landscape.

Reliable information, easily available

The "trusted data sharing layer" ensures that crucial information is accessible much earlier than would traditionally be the case. This allows stakeholders to make environmentally friendly decisions and switch to green transport modes faster. Within the project, Port of Antwerp-Bruges and Port of Montreal are working together to digitise and optimise transatlantic trade flows between the two ports.


The "visibility solution layer" strengthens logistics by providing end-to-end transparency without the need for tracking devices. This enables, for example, a brewery with operations worldwide to monitor its carbon footprint and adjust its transport to reduce its environmental impact.


New synchromodal algorithms can optimise large multimodal operations in seconds. They have shown that it is possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 20% by using inland waterways or rail transport for 'last mile' operations.

Efficient container capacity

A game-changer in shipping is the modular container, which allows a 20' container to be connected to another 20' unit to form a standard 40' HC container and vice versa. This offers a solution to the global problem of container imbalance that results in more than 24% of all containers being transported empty worldwide. Reducing empty transport will have a positive impact on shipping emissions. The research shows that including 15% modular containers in the global container inventory, could lead to €1.6 billion savings in operational costs.

Autonomous electric vehicles

Autonomous electric vehicles provide a fully electric, autonomous transport service managed by an intelligent Freight Mobility Platform. Within the ePIcenter project, concepts related to connectivity, charging/unloading and integration with other modes of transport are being tested.

One of the solutions for sustainable transport within the ePIcenter project focuses on the integration of autonomous electric vehicles.


Hyperloop is a green, energy-efficient and fast means of transport. It uses low pressure in an air pressure tube to transport goods. Within the ePIcenter project, we investigate potential applications of Hyperloop for distribution of production parts. Through simulations and analysis, the project aims to better understand the benefits and develop cost-effective scenarios for actual use.

Safe navigation

To protect marine life, particularly in Arctic waters, environmentally friendly ship routing and propulsion technology has been developed. These innovations simulate ship navigation under different ice conditions and optimise routes in terms of safety, efficiency and environmental impact. The demonstration model demonstrated significant fuel savings of around 45%, with additional potential savings through optimisation of travel time.

The ePIcenter project is an excellent example of how innovation, sustainability and environmental responsibility can work harmoniously together. By pioneering new technologies and approaches, ePIcenter is laying the foundation for a greener, more sustainable future for the transport industry en in doing so, contribtues to a better future  for our planet and for future generations.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 861584.

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