Containerplan case study

Efficiency is optimised every step of the way at Port of Antwerp-Bruges. In the following case study we take a closer look at DP World’s recent investments to highlight their impact on the port’s capacity and efficiency. 

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  • Increased Capacity: DP World Antwerp Gateway’s automation of the container terminal allows for smarter utilization of existing space and adds 1 million containers to annual capacity.
  • Green Technology: The case study highlights DP World's dedication to sustainability since the ASC's operate on 100% green electricity. This strategic decision aligns with the EU's climate goals ('Fit for 55'). 
  • Strengthening Port of Antwerp-Bruges: The extended capacity and efficiency enhancements support the growth of individual shipping companies. Simultaneously, they foster a more resilient and dynamic environment for the entire Port of Antwerp-Bruges. 

Paving the way to capacity increase

The Container Plan 22-30 is an ambitious action plan that Port of Antwerp-Bruges is rolling out in phases with its customers and other stakeholders. The goal is to increase the efficiency of existing capacity. The initial phase is centered around achieving 'operational excellence' within the container chain. Additionally, there are plans to explore spatial optimisations.

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