How to apply?

Fancy becoming our colleague? Find out more about what's on offer and review the application process at the Antwerp-Bruges Port Authority.

At the helm of your career

Each working day is varied and offers new opportunities. And you see the results of your work immediately, here at the port. No challenge is too big for us, as long as we work on it together.

After all, we do things better together.

Het Havenbedrijf heeft vestigingen in Antwerpen en in Zeebrugge

Fascinating environment

Port of Antwerp-Bruges, it's a fascinating environment. Working together to build the world port of the future, a port that is constantly changing. We are growing as a team. You are growing as a person.


Safety is key. You will use your personal protective equipment and receive training, tips and advice on how to work safely.

At the helm of your career

Take the helm in terms of your career. Seizing opportunities to grow is in our DNA. We'd love to help you get started. Your supervisor is an important sounding board in your growth story and in setting goals that will help you achieve your ambitions. HR can advise you during an 'On Course' meeting. 

Your health and well-being

We care about your health and well-being. We will guide you to a healthier lifestyle by offering programmes and campaigns around exercise, nutrition, ergonomics, smoking cessation, stress, sleep, and more. Your mental well-being is also paramount to us. Workshops and courses will give you the tools and resources to increase your resilience. And if you're having a rough time, we’ll be here for you.

Non-stop learning and continuous feedback

Non-stop learning and continuous feedback will help you stay the course or make adjustments. In addition to a wide range of training courses, we will also offer you a personal development plan and share masses of hints and tips. Because we all learn every day and in different ways. Similarly, feedback is an important element in your development. That's why we will give you tips and tools on requesting and providing constructive feedback.

Collega's wandelen naast schip.

Leave and fringe benefits

  1. You will earn a competitive salary and we will take into account your personal work experience up to a maximum of 12 years. Download an overview of the salary scales per category. In addition to your monthly salary, you are entitled to holiday pay and an end-of-year bonus. On top of that, you will receive meal vouchers and enjoy additional benefits such as sports and culture vouchers and eco vouchers every year.

  2. In addition to your statutory holiday days, you will have plenty of additional holiday days that you can use for an optimal work-life balance. You will also have the option of saving up leave days or having some of them paid out.

  3. We will offer you flexibility in the form of remote working if your position allows. To this end, we will provide the necessary resources to work digitally, such as a smartphone with mobile subscription for everyone, and a laptop for our office staff. So you can work comfortably and efficiently anywhere. And did you know you can also count on our support for your home internet connection?

  4. You will benefit from useful insurance policies, the cost of which is entirely borne by the Port Authority.
    • Hospitalisation insurance, with free affiliation for children.
    • Non-statutory pension with excellent group insurance.
    • Disability insurance for long-term illness.

  5. We are committed to your mobility so that you get to your workplace easily and safely.
    • Do you cycle to work? Then you will receive a bicycle allowance and we will provide breakdown assistance. In addition, we offer a company bicycle or you can lease another type of bicycle.
    • If you make the trip to work by public transport, we will refund your season ticket in full.
    • Or are you coming with your own car? Then you will receive a commuting allowance.
    • For travel between our various locations, service bicycles and service cars are available for you.

  6. No work without free time. We do love a good party with our colleagues. Did you know that you could also attend a basketball or soccer game, for example? And Benefits at Work offers you and your family a wide and varied range of benefits.

Ready to apply?

Want to apply for a job with the Port Authority? That's fantastic! You will find details on the selection process below. So you'll be well prepared. See you soon!

  1. Application
    Have you spotted the job of your dreams? Do you meet the recruitment requirements? Then it's time for action! You will find an 'apply now' button next to each job posting. This will automatically take you to the online application platform.
    Prefer to send us an open application? You can do that too! Provide us with your CV and a letter telling us a little more about yourself. We will then have all the information we need to evaluate your candidacy.
    A tip? Take a look at our values to see if your CV is aligned with the overall direction of Port of Antwerp-Bruges.

  2. Screening
    Once we have your CV, we can review it against the job requirements and criteria for the job. We will also assess your education, your affinity for the job and your 'fit' with Port of Antwerp-Bruges. Based on that analysis, we will decide whether to proceed with your application.

  3. Preselection
    If there are a high number of candidates for a vacancy, we will invite you to a pre-selection round.

  4. Basic Assessment
    After the CV screening and possible pre-selection, a basic evaluation follows. Here you will take a test by which the selection committee will assess your relevant knowledge and work experience for the job. Depending on the job, the test will be written and/or oral, and you will take it in the office or at your home. It may also include a practical assignment. We will let you know as soon as possible if you passed or failed the basic assessment.

  5. Development Centre
    For certain positions, we will ask you to attend a development centre. This can be offered internally or externally by an accredited recruitment and selection agency. The selection committee focuses on your development potential in order to decide if you may proceed to the next step in the selection process.

  6. Final interview
    Depending on the position you are applying for, a final interview will follow during which the selection committee will examine your motivation, experience and behavioural competencies. If you pass this element and are the best candidate, you will be offered the job. We will discuss the terms of employment and start date and invite you to sign your contract or addendum.

  7. Recruitment reserve
    Some positions have a recruitment reserve of up to 2 years. If you passed, but another candidate was stronger, you will enter the recruitment reserve. We will then contact you if there is a similar vacancy.
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We hebben vestigingen in Antwerpen en in Zeebrugge