Three jumbo RoRo ships in waters of Zeebrugge

At the end of June, the Wielingen Dock in Zeebrugge received the three jumbo RoRo ships Botnia Enabler, Finneco I and Flandria Seaways. Three state-of-the-art ships built with sustainability in mind.

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Multifuel Botnia Enabler

For the Botnia Enabler, the call at Zeebrugge was a first. This ConRo vessel of the Swedish shipping company Wallenius Solutions is the world's largest ice-resistant ship at 242 metres in length. As a multifuel vessel, it navigates on LNG (liquefied natural gas) and LBG (liquefied biogas) as well as diesel. Like her sister ship, the Baltic Enabler, the Botnia Enabler operates on a frequent liner service between Zeebrugge, Antwerp, Northern Finland and its homeport of Sweden.

Shortsea vessel Botnia Enabler©Mike Louagie

Hybride Finneco I

The brand new Finneco I of the Finnish shipping company Finnlines-Suomi was at quay 144 in Zeebrugge at the same time. Like the Botnia Enabler, this 2022 newbuild ship sails on liner services to Scandinavia. The Finneco I measures 238 metres in length and has a capacity of 5,400 linear metres. The hybrid RoRo ship has solar panels and a battery on board. Solar panels charge the on-board battery while the ship sails, and the hybrid ship uses this energy at the quay, generating no emissions. The Finneco I is the first in the series of three identical ships of the Grimaldi Group. The cargo ship already left Antwerp for Germany earlier in June.

Finneco I©Mike Louagie

Ultra-large RoRo Flandria Seaways

The Flandria Seaways of Danish shipping company DFDS A/S built in 2020 was also docked in Zeebrugge at the end of June. This 238-metre long cargo ship operates on the Zeebrugge-Gothenburg line and mainly transports trailers, containers and cars.

Flandria Seaways en Finneco I.©Mike Louagie

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