Collection of floating waste and litter

Pallets, fridges, tractor tyres, mooring ropes, wrecked bikes … you name it, it ends up in the water. At Port of Antwerp-Bruges, we are committed to a clean port and deploy a range of resources to keep and remove floating waste from the water. As such, we work mainly on prevention, but also collect any reported floating waste. 


Specialised and licensed companies collect waste specifically for shipping such as oil or bilge water.

Reporting floating waste in Antwerp

Spotted something floating that shouldn't be in the water? In Antwerp, the crew of the waste collection boat ‘Condor’ will hit the waves to fish out waste and litter in the port's water.


Report floating waste

Reporting floating waste in Zeebrugge

In Zeebrugge, the Harbour Master's Office coordinates the clean-up of litter and dumped waste from the water. 



Report floating waste

Delivery of ship-generated waste

Various activities within the port generate different types of residual waste. For example, oil or waste specific to shipping, such as sludge or bilge water (oil-water mixture in the engine room). For maritime shipping, the legislation is enshrined in the Waste Management Plan. For inland navigation, the Flemish Waste Management Plan for Inland Navigation applies. 


A licensed waste collector has an OVAM permit and meets the conditions of the Harbour Master's Office.


Licensed waste collection companies

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