Du 14 au 16 juin, Port of Antwerp-Bruges a organisé un tout nouvel événement en ligne : Port Talks. Revoyez les enregistrements ci-dessous et revenez sur un programme réussi de keynotes et de panels de discussion nationaux et internationaux sur des thèmes tels que la numérisation, la transition énergétique et la main-d'œuvre résiliente.

Port of the future, innovation through digitalisation and technology

Smart technologies are proving their worth in a port environment with the ultimate goal to improve the safety and smooth traffic flow of goods and data. With a ‘digital twin’ of the port, drone inspections and autonomous shipping Port of Antwerp-Bruges is taking the next step to become the port of the future.

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Port of Antwerp-Bruges, 1 port mondial - 2 plateformes (session française)

En tant que port de fusion, le Port d'Anvers-Bruges pose les jalons d'un port résilient, numérique et climatiquement neutre, avec un plan stratégique clair. Le premier port mondial à concilier l'économie, le climat et l’homme. Ambitieux, mais qu'est-ce que cela signifie pour les clients ? Et comment le port veut-il être résilient pour l'avenir?

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The green energy hub of the future

Climate change is tangible. And both industry and politicians understand that change is needed for a sustainable future. We need to move away from all fossil fuels to achieve a climate-neutral society. How will Fit for 55 ignite this change? What will be the impact on the industry? And while we can generate large amounts of green energy in Europe, the local supply of wind and solar energy will not be enough. What will be the role of hydrogen?

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Sleutelrol voor energietransitie en circulaire economie voor klimaatneutrale haven in 2050

Commercial outlook 2022-2025

As a gateway between Europe and the rest of the world, Port of Antwerp-Bruges is home to two strong local communities. To support them and their activities, the port strives for a common commercial strategy that focuses on containers, energy transition, circular chemistry, automotive and breakbulk. Both from a commercial as from a marketing perspective.

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The human approach in a constantly changing world

The world we work in is rapidly changing, due to digitalisation, covid, labour shortages, geopolitical situations and other global events. What insights and challenges do we see today? Does this have an impact on the labour market?  In addition employees must be resilient and flexible in this rapidly changing world. Are organisations better equipped for this? What role do you play as a manager? And how do different generations deal with this?

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