New intermodal connection: Antwerp - Athus - Birsfelden

The new connection is an initiative of the Swiss Birsterminal in the Rhine port Birsfelden in cooperation with Terminal Container Athus. Under the name Tango Rail Line, there is one departure per week from Birsfelden to TCA. From there, there are daily connections to Antwerp and Zeebrugge.

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  • Destination: Birsfelden in Zwitzerland
  • Modus: Rail
  • Operator: TCA (Terminal Container Athuis)
  • Traction for the new connecion Athus – Birsfelden: TangRail Line
  • Starting date: 26 april 2022
  • Frequency: 12 x per week Antwerpen – Athus, 1 x week Athus – Birsfelden
  • Type cargo: containers, focus on maritime cargo
  • Terminal at destination: Birsfelden terminal
  • Terminals in Antwerp: MPET, AG, PSA
  • More information on the new connection via Flows

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