What is Certified pick up?

To pick up a container at a terminal in the port, a unique PIN code used to be necessary. There is considerable time between the shipping company being informed of the PIN code and the driver actually entering this PIN code on the terminal. The PIN code is passed between different parties, which increases the risk of misuse.

Safely collecting containers

To make this process more secure and efficient, a new process for the release of containers, referred to as “Certified Pick up”, came into force on 1 January 2021.


Certified Pick up is a neutral, central data platform in which all stakeholders involved in the container import process are connected.


The Certified Pick up platform receives and processes container information. Based on this information, it generates a certified pick up based on identity, which the final carrier uses to pick up the container. This certified pick up is only created when the final carrier is known.

All about Certified Pick up

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