Is there a possibility to connect via a third party on Certified Pick up?

Container shipping companies are free to connect directly to Certified Pick up or connect to Certified Pick up through the third-party application.

How does this work?

However, the complete audit trail and generation of the final digital key will only be provided by the Certified Pick up application. The audit trail must be provided by the third-party application to Certified Pick up and the final digital key must be requested from Certified Pick up by the users of the third-party application. Therefore, the third-party application will always need to link to Certified Pick up to ensure the audit trail performed by Certified Pick up. 


The use of a third party application must not compromise the security of Certified Pick up and of the Certified Pick up application nor the generation of the final digital key and audit trail by the authorized service provider. 


Under no circumstances does the use of a third application affect the obligations of the parties involved, who must ensure that all necessary actions are taken and that they communicate all data in the context of Certified Pick up, taking into account their capacity and role. 


VTo our knowledge, there is one party that can offer a third-party application that has a connection to Certified Pick up, namely Secure Container Release from T-Mining.

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