How will the implementation of Certified Pick up proceed?

The implementation of Certified Pick up will progress in phases from 1 January 2021. In the first phase the Certified Pick up platform will ensure that there is transparency regarding the container status, aimed at increasing the operational efficiency for every player in the chain. The various container statuses, related to the collection of a container in the port of Antwerp, will be displayed as “green lights”. The supply-chain partners will be able to view the commercial release, the customs release and terminal release of the containers under their control. In exchange for this information, chain partners will later be required to add relevant supply-chain data, such as anticipated collection time, terms, etc. The existing process of using a PIN code to collect a container will still be maintained in this phase, both for pre-notification and collection.


In the next phase, the various chain partners will switch over to a new processing method, namely collection based on identity. The current process using a PIN code to collect a container will be phased out and replaced by a digital process of release entitlement then pick up entitlement and an authorised collection based on identity.

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