Visit the art expo Zoek-Stadion at the Port House

Port House

24/06/2023 - 03/12/2023

Zaha Hadid square 1, 2030 Antwerp

The new city festival Baroque Influencers did not choose Antwerp, the northern capital of baroque, as its home base by accident. This year, experience for yourself how baroque continues to inspire. Experience the stunning exhibits, breathtaking music concerts and many other exciting events. Baroque Influencers will change your perspective!

Baroque headquarters? The Port House!

From June 24 to December 3, 2023, discover five contemporary artist collectives in the artistic laboratory Zoek-Stadion at the Port House in Antwerp. Curator Sergio Servellón invites FAAR, Extra Curriculum, Antwerp Re(active), ARTwork and MUCE to alternately fill a permanent installation for four weeks. The art of Nadia Naveau will take center stage, as her work symbolizes the intertwining of tradition and innovation. Learn more about the different collections below. Be sure to check out the full program of the Baroque Influencers.

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Experience Zoek-Stadion

As the main sponsor, Port of Antwerp-Bruges wants to utilize the exhibition Zoek-Stadion to emphasize the importance of renewal in a period full of challenges. The expo, which involves as many young people as possible, is aimed at a broad and inclusive audience. The Port House itself also occupies a place in the programming, focusing on themes such as sustainability, the energy revolution and innovation.

Overview of changing collections

Art collective
Nadia NaveauJune 24 to December 3 2023
FAARJune 24 to July 23 2023
Extra CurriculumJuly 29 to August 27 2023
Antwerpen (Re)actiefSeptember 2 to October 1 2023
ARTworkOctober 7 to November 5 2023
MUCENovember 11 to December 3 2023

Nadia Naveau

Nadia Naveau experiments with shapes, materials and use of color. She draws inspiration from different contexts that merge into a quirky iconography. With her sculptures, she explores the boundaries between the figurative and the abstract, the baroque and the stylized, the contemporary and the classical. At the Port House, she exhibits her multiform sculptures. They range in scale from very small to life-size and are realized in a variety of materials: plaster, ceramic, polyester, concrete or plasticine.


FAAR - For Artists And Residents - is an Antwerp collective of painters, sculptors and designers. At the Port House this summer, they look back on their two-year existence. This expo introduces you to the artists and their projects. During lectures, talks and performances, they reflect on current themes such as the scarcity of creative space in the city or the benefits that an artists' collective can offer to increase your resilience as an artist.

Extra Curriculum

With Vaast Colson leading the way, Extra Curriculum will assemble a group of "young" artists as an experiment. But what do you call such a collection? A collective? A team? A gang? A formation? Whatever name you choose, each "group" causes a tension between the individual acting and experiencing and the collective. Extra Curriculum will observe, think, act, debate, experience, dance and speak, thus seeking, challenging and capturing the tension between the individual and the collective.

Antwerpen (Re)actief

Antwerp has a rich cultural history that spans centuries. That artistic timeline shows peaks of innovation. What happens when that innovation clashes with tradition? How do artists, designers and creatives navigate the tension between the past and the future? Antwerpen (Re)actief attempts to answer these questions by presenting a cultural history of the city that highlights both the renewal of tradition and the tradition of renewal. With presentations, lectures and artworks, the project aims to show a different perspective on the cultural history of Antwerp.

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How does a young aspirant develop into a full-fledged, enduring artist? The development and trajectory of young artists are influenced by a host of factors: gallerists, patrons, media. How can these forces be combined? And what role can art schools play? At the Port House, the Young Academy, together with gatekeepers from the Flemish arts sector, players from Flemish art education (from students to policy makers) and other stakeholders, is looking for layered answers to these questions.


MUCE is a bridge-builder contributing to the scaling up of the circular economy. This initiative by Nina Maat spreads knowledge about the circular economy and engages in dialogue about sustainability topics through innovations and art. As a bridge-builder, MUCE will exhibit several artworks in the Havenhuis that provoke a debate around different circular and innovative topics: from waste, biomimicry and ecodesign to circular business models.

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This festival came about with the support and cooperation of numerous partners and sponsors.


Roxanne Keteleer

Event Expert