Breakbulk anniversaries

In June 2022, two historic breakbulk players at the port of Antwerp will celebrate a special anniversary. Zuidnatie has been in business for 150 years and C. Steinweg Group has been around for 175 years.

150 years of Zuidnatie


Zuidnatie started in 1870 as a family business and remains so today. They handle cargo with the care and knowledge gained over the company's 150-year history.


Between 1996 and 2005, with Terminal Zuid, the company built a 130,000 m² covered warehouse complex and continued to expand all its infrastructure and activities. A major investment followed in 2013 with the acquisition of DP World Breakbulk at the Churchill Dock and the reefer division of Hapag-Lloyd. In 2019, Zuidnatie opened a third terminal: a container terminal operated by Becomar.

Today, Zuidnatie is a one-stop shop for all stevedoring, warehousing, logistics and transportation needs. It has certified personnel, state-of-the-art infrastructure, innovative high-tech equipment, secure warehouses with high-quality project management and value-added services.


In 2021, Zuidnatie handled 2.2 million tons of breakbulk, 50,000 tons of dry bulk cargo and more than 500,000 TEU (via Becomar).  Zuidnatie employs more than 300 people daily and received 440 ships at its three right bank terminals last year.

AntwerpXL is the fair for forwarders, shippers and professionals in the maritime world who ship general cargo, breakbulk.

175 years of C. Steinweg Group

C. Steinweg Group was founded in 1847 in Rotterdam as a provider of forwarding and warehousing services. With a growing network of European offices, it began the Antwerp branch in 1965. The focus was on activities for non-ferrous metals such as aluminium and copper, and soft commodities such as coffee and cocoa.


Through an acquisition in Antwerp, C. Steinweg Belgium began water-associated activities for general cargo, mainly steel, in 1992. Further investments for chemicals and fertilisers, among other things, would follow later. A large part of this is carried out by our own qualified personnel and at our own facilities, quays and warehouses located around the Albert Dock, as well as on the Left Bank of the Scheldt.

In 2021, C. Steinweg accounted for 450,000 tons of breakbulk and 700,000 tons of dry bulk transport in Antwerp. The dry bulk activities now take place under the banner of Veemnatie NV, a joint venture between C. Steinweg Belgium and 5de Havendok.


Thanks to its international character with its own facilities in 90 countries, C. Steinweg group offers global solutions to traders and industrial players.

Port of Antwerp-Bruges wishes Zuidnatie and C. Steinweg Group heartfelt congratulations and continued success!

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